It doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend or not, you should know what actually turns you on. If you know how to pleasure yourself, then you can have a better sex with your partner for sure.

  • Over the Pillow

You can lie on your stomach and place the pillow under it and then yes, use your fingers to have a breathtaking session with all yourself. This position will give you a high sensation created through the sexual tension triggered in your leg muscles. Enjoy Girl!

  • The Showerhead

If you have all the time to enjoy yourself, head to the shower and make it steamier than usual. You can then lean against the wall with the showerhead between your legs and let the water pressure hit your spot and then it’s needless to say! This is the easiest of all.

  • Get kinky with Dildo

Yes, dildo meets the vagina! The dildo is your vagina’s best friend until and unless it runs out of batteries. You can go wild and kinky with your dildo and spend the night getting to know it better. Trust me; you will never get disappointed with this little guy!

  • On a Chair

Grab a chair; lock your legs with the chair’s legs. This is an interesting position and you should actually try it. Use your one hand and go down under your panties, stimulating your private zone. It will surely give you immense pleasure by getting in contact with your private area.

Tease yourself and do it how you want it! Please let us know if you have any other positions that can give women the maximum pleasure themselves.

And leave your questions in the comment section below. We are here to help you out if you have any dilemma.