Quesadilla is filled with a cheesy mixture of veggies and other ingredients. This is amongst the most popular Mexican foods across the globe, and the lip-smacking fillings peeping out of quesadilla is sure to make everyone drool. You will surely love the gooeyness of cheese and the crunchiness of the tortillas and corn in these scrumptious quesadillas.


For the dough:

Flour-1 cup

Water-1-2 cups

Salt to taste

Oil-2 tablespoon

For the filling:

Flour-1/2 cup

Milk-2 cups

Oil-2 tablespoon

Salt to taste





Chilli flakes

Grated Cheese



For Tortillas

  1. In a large bowl mix flour, salt, oil, and water.
  2. Knead the dough properly
  3. Cover the dough for an hour.

For Filling

  1. Make the white sauce: Heat oil/butter in a pan, add flour and sauté it till it turns brown and add milk to it. Keep stirring to avoid lumps. Let the sauce cool down
  2. In a pan, heat oil and add veggies. Sauté the veggies for 5mins and add them to the sauce.
  3. Add salt, oregano, chili flakes, pepper and grated cheese.
  4. Mix it well.

For Quesadillas

  1. Divide the dough into equal portions and roll the dough in a circle.
  2. Heat a tava or pan and cook the tortillas using oil
  3. Flip the side and add the filling to it and sprinkle some more grated cheese.
  4. Fold the tortilla to make a semi-circle and flip it again to make it more crispy.
  5. Serve with mayonnaise or cheesy dip or salsa sauce.

Happy eating!


  1. Instead of making white sauce you can use mayonnaise.
  2. For a different taste, you can mix tomato ketchup and chilli sauce or pizza sauce and add veggies to the sauce and make Quesadillas. You can try out variety!